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Below is a list of Creatures-related websites that are either useful to new Creatures fans, significant to me personally, or both.

Link Description
Creatures Docking Station Information and download link for Creatures Docking Station, a free-to-play Creatures game. The base game is very small and intended as an add-on for Creatures 3, but there's so much fan-made content on the Internet that it hardly makes a difference.
Creatures Wiki The Creatures Wiki is a very useful resource for finding information on just about anything Creatures-related, from official expansions to fan content to the websites that host that content. You may notice that I link to Creatures Wiki articles a lot!
Creatures Caves The largest English-speaking Creatures community hub as far as I'm aware, not counting Discord. Useful for keeping up-to-date on Creatures news. It also has personal significance to me, as I spent a good, overly enthusiastic chunk of my childhood menacing the forums.
Creatures Discord Not really a website, but most of the Creatures community has migrated to the servers linked in this article. I don't generally keep up with public Discord servers, but I'm happy to talk if you message me (the one who screams i guess#7896).
Albian Warp The original Docking Station servers that allowed you to send and receive creatures from other players through the Warp have been down for years, but the Albian Warp beta is a functional replacement. Really shows you how dedicated the Creatures modding community is!
Eem Foo's Archive A testament to the resilience and dedication of the Creatures community. If a piece of Creatures content was on the Internet at some point, it's probably been archived here.
Helen's Bibble Directory A website I have very fond memories of, primarily for its Creatures 2 COBs but just as much for its comedy pages. (Maybe I should try something like that...) You can find an incomplete archive with the visuals fully intact here. This website's visual design was one of the main inspirations for the layout of my own Creatures page!
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